Slogans Edit

Year Slogan Description
1974 We're With You, 'Cause It's Our Tomorrow Too! Used in 1974, when the network was relaunched as GMA Radio-Television ARTS
1977 Your Screen in '77 Used throughout 1977.
1979-2002 Where You Belong Used beginning 1979 and was used for the next 20 years.
1988-1989 The Largest, Most Powerful Network in the Philippines Used in 1988-1989 to promote GMA's network of relay and affiliate stations nationwide.
1989-1992 The Largest, The Most Powerful, The Best Used in 1989-1992 to promote GMA as the network with both the biggest nationwide reach and the most number of broadcasting awards at that time.
1990's In the service of man, for the glory of God. Corporate slogan beginning in the '90s
1992-1993 GMA Rainbow Satellite Used in 1992-1993 because of its reach throughout the Philippines and parts of Southeast Asia.
1993-1994 The World's Most Awarded Philippine Broadcast Network Used in 1993-1994 to establish GMA as the most awarded network both locally and internationally during that period.
1995 GMA: 45 Years of Responsible Broadcasting Released in 1995 for its 45th anniversary.
2000 GMA Gold: 50 Years Beyond Broadcasting Released in 2000 for its 50th Gold anniversary.
2001-2002 Walang Kasingkulay ang Buhay Used from 2001-2002, as GMA prepared for its re-branding.
Summer 2001 Ang Boto 'Nyo sa Bakasyon (Your Vote this Vacation!) Released in Summer 2001 (also in connection with the May elections of that year)
Summer 2002 Seven Seasons: Walang Kasingkulay na Tag-araw Released in Summer 2002
2002-present Kapuso ng Pamilyang Pilipino, Anumang Kulay ng Buhay (One in heart With the Filipino family, in Whatever Colors of Life) First used in 2002 to present with the re-branding of the network as the "Kapuso Network." Has several variations since used for seasonal celebrations.
2005-present Kapuso ng Bawat Pilipino (We are One in the Heart of Every Filipino) Used in 2005 to present when GMA Network re-branded its main slogan.
Christmas 2006 Ang Sarap ng Paskong Kapuso (It's So Nice This Christmas When You're One in the Heart) Used in Christmas 2006.
2007 Kapuso/ Kapuso ng Bawat Pilipino (We are one in the Heart of Every Filipino) Used and launched for Manny Pacquiao's switch to the network. The network made a new station ID.
May 2007 Eleksyon 2007 Used for the 2007 elections.
Summer 2007 Sumamer Ka Na! Used in Summer of 2007.
Christmas 2007 Regalo ng Kapuso (This is Our Gift, One in the Heart) Used in Christmas of that year.
Summer 2008 Umiinit ang Samahang Kapuso! (It's Getting Hot when You're with One in the Heart!) Used to strengthen the Kapuso sensation during that summer.
Christmas 2008 Kapuso ng Bawat Batang Pilipino ngayong Pasko (We are One in the Heart of Every Filipino Child This Christmas) Used in Christmas 2008. It featured special kids that GMA Stars entertained.
February 2009 Wala Ng Hahanapin Pa 'pag Kapuso ang Kasama (There's Nothing Else to Look For when You're One in the Heart) Used for the Valentine Season in 2009.
Summer 2009 Sabay Sabay Tayo Kapuso! (All Together Now, One in the Heart!) Used for Summer 2009. Marian Rivera was the lead in the video.
June 2009 Greater and Grateful at 59! Used to celebrate the network's 59th anniversary.
September 2009 Sama-sama Tayo sa Pagbangon! (Let's Rise Back Up Altogether!) Used to give chance the victims of the Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.
November 2009 November Knockouts Used to broadcast Pacquiao-Cotto Fight, New Shows, Anniversaries, Finales and new seasons this November 2009.
Christmas 2009 Sama-Sama Tayong Mag-Pasalove Ngayong Pasko (Let's All Pass Love This Christmas) Used in Christmas 2009. It featured some ordinary people. In this station id, there are no GMA Stars featured.
2010 60 Years: Touching Hearts, Enriching Lives Used to celebrate the network's 60th Diamond anniversary in 2010.
February 2010 Kapuso Tayo, FEBever! Used for the Valentine Season in 2010
Eleksyon 2010 May Magagawa Tayo! (We CAN Do Something!) Used for Eleksyon 2010.
Summer 2010 Sama-Summer Tayo! (Let's Be Together This Summer!) Used for the Summer Season of 2010.
2010 Kapuso ng Kalikasan (One at heart with Nature) Used for 2 events (Earth Hour 2010 and Earth Day 2010).
2010 Tagumpay ng Kapuso (Success of One in Heart) Used for the 60th Anniversary of the network. And this title of Song "Tagumpay ng Kapuso" was sung by Frencheska Farr, Geoff Taylor, Jay Perillo and the Six Feet Long band.
June 2010 Happy Juniversary Kapuso! Used to broadcast New Shows and GMA 60th Anniversary Special this June 2010.
Christmas 2010 Isang Pagkilala sa Puso ng Pilipino Ngayong Pasko (A Remembrance in the Heart of Filipinos This Christmas) Used during the Christmas season of 2010. The station ID features Richard Gutierrez, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera and instead of a usual music video, it shows different stories of different people during Christmas season.
January 2011 The Domination Continues Used for January 2011 to promote the new 2011 shows.
'2011 Bighaning Pinoy, Ganda na Kapuso (Pinoy Charm, Attractiveness of One in the Heart) Used to feature the current shows and their stars.
2011 Dramang Pinoy, Damdamin ng Kapuso (Pinoy Drama, Feelings of One in the Heart) Used to feature GMA Drama.
2011 Tawang Pinoy, Kiliting Kapuso (Pinoy Laughter, Tickling Memories in One in the Heart) Used to feature GMA Comedy.</nowiki>
February 2011 Dahil ang maGMAhal, natural sa Kapuso! (Loving Comes Naturally to One in the Heart!) Used for the Valentine season of 2011.
February 2011 Lambing Pinoy, Kilig Kapuso (Pinoy Sweetness, Romance of One in the Heart) Used for the Valentine season of 2011 as the alternate slogan and is seen on GMA Pinoy TV.
February 2011 EDSA 25: Dahil Pilipino Tayo (EDSA 25: Because We Are Filipinos) Used for the 25th Anniversary of the 1986 EDSA Revolution otherwise known as the First People Power Movement in the Philippines.
Summer 2011 Halo-Halo Ang Summer Saya! (An All Mixed Up Summer Full of Happiness!) Used for Summer Season of 2011 featuring Kapuso stars, present and upcoming shows, also including new Kapuso Stars. The Station ID's song is sung by the love-team tandem Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona.
Graduation 2011 Believe, Batch 2011! No. 1 Kayo sa Aming Puso! (Believe, Batch 2011! You're the No. 1 in Our Hearts!) Used for Batch 2011.